"ForceLink develops and produces systems for physical evaluation"

ForceLink develops and produces gait analysis and training systems based on instrumented treadmills and forceplates. Walking is, next to chewing, the most basic of human motions and as such essential for physical and mental health. Diagnosis of gait and training of the ability to walk safely on the street and in the home can be facilitated by the patented C-Mill system which measures the gait cycle, forces, EMG and video and projects steps and obstacles on the treadmill. Research shows that people recover faster and further after a brain injury when using the C-Mill. Other patient groups such as amputees and people with Parkinson, CP and hip-replacements show similar results. Elderly can regain confidence to start walking on the street again after they have practised safely with projected obstacles that just change colour when you make a mistake.

Other ForceLink products include advanced 3D measuring dual belt treadmills such as the R-Mill, forceplates and large sports treadmills, all with dedicated software and various options. ForceLink delivers all over the world and we have representatives in almost every part of the world.

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